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Preparing for retirement or redundancy

This is an area where most people might like to avoid the topic. It means the end of something and uncertainty over the next thing.

We often like our lives to proceed smoothly and to be known and planned.

We like to be in control of our fate.

Redundancy or retirement alters this.

It can make us feel uncomfortable, uncertain.

It can scare us, but it is a subject that we should not try to avoid.

Unless we face the reality of that situation, it is likely to overwhelm us.

To deal with the topic is a challenge in itself.

Do you accept the challenge?

Who will benefit from this training?

Nowadays people are able to work way beyond what would have been a normal retirement age, and for many it is essential that they do. However in times of severe pressure on businesses, people may be expected to take redundancy or to be no longer required.

For many people the prospect of retirement or redundancy fills them with horror, and is something they would rather not think about. For others it is an opportunity to move on to a new stage of life.

This course is for anyone facing this dramatic change, or considering it as a possibility.

Whatever position someone is in, it is important to look at life after retirement or redundancy, and in a group setting to be able to explore the highs and lows of this change with others facing the same challenge.

What is the training about?

The aim of the training is to prepare people for life after work. Many people are excited by the prospect of having free time, of not having to follow the strict daily routine of commuting etc.

But for other people there are fears of what they will do to fill the time, how they can cope financially, whether it is the end of their usual life, and for wives the fear of having their husbands around them all day!

This course offers ideas on how to address the prospect of retirement or redundancy in an optimistic way, while trying to ensure that we do not give up on the skills we have developed in a lifetime of working.

We will also examine the psychological impact of facing redundancy or potentially enforced retirement.

Changes that retirement or redundancy brings about:

  • Financial worries
  • Change in our daily routine
  • Loss of office companionships
  • Loss of responsibility
  • Feeling of the end of a useful life
  • How do we fill our days
  • Will we get new opportunities
  • Fear of rejection
  • Scrapheap or new opportunities


By the end of the day delegates will be able to demonstrate:

  • An increase in self-belief
  • An ability to face problems without fear
  • Optimism for retirement and the way ahead
  • Awareness of time management
  • Strength and belief in their abilities to look to work again, or to enjoy free time
  • Knowledge of opportunities in the workplace and elsewhere

Testimonials - October 2021

  • The double act of Sue and Jim made the workshop fascinating and non-stop interesting
  • Jim was able to relate fully to my dilemma about "retiring or moving on" and this opened my mind to so many possibilities. Thank you so much for this wonderful session
  • The session was fast flowing and totally meaningful. Sue’s experiences of bullying in the workplace made me realise that I can take charge of my future, whether in or out of my current workplace
  • Can’t wait to sign up for more courses led by Sue and Jim. Brilliant!

Workshop Information

In order to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully, numbers are strictly limited.
Zoom workshops have a maximum of 12 people, at £40 per person, for a 3 hour session
Full day in-person workshops are held across the UK with a maximum of 20 people, at £70 per person.
(A light lunch is provided and a discount is available for group bookings).

Delegates will receive an information pack and Certificate of Attendance at the end of the training.
There will be also an opportunity to keep in touch with us to develop
follow-up workshops as required, with 1:1 support also available.

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