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New beginnings

There are many reasons why there may be a gap in someone’s employment history but whatever the reason, returning to work after a period away can be a daunting experience.

In this fast moving society nothing stands still for long, and what might have been understood previously, is now out of date. It is important to ensure that we prepare ourselves well for the challenges that lie ahead.

Who will benefit from this training?

This training is aimed at people who need a refresher course in work ethics and the opportunity to explore how work patterns have changed.

It is particularly aimed at people who may be returning to work after a period away, for whatever reason, people who have been made redundant and are now looking to get back in to employment, or people setting off on a new career path after many years in the same type of work.

This can include people looking to work after raising a family, people being released from prison and looking to start a new life, or people who now have lots of time on their hands and wish to be employed.

What is the training about?

  • Back to work training
    • When people go back to work after a period away, it can be very disconcerting to realise that times have changed and that they may simply not be able to slot in to the new work environment.
    • Rather than learning on the job, it is preferable to have training which understands where people are coming from and where they feel they need to be. It is not to deny the skills that people may have already, but to fine tune them and to prepare them fully for a return to the workplace.
  • Basic skills in the workplace
    • It could be assumed that we all have a basic understanding of how to relate to other people, and therefore how to deal with people and colleagues in the workplace. Sadly this is not necessarily the case. This skill has to be learnt and if staff do not have this skill the hard-earned reputation of an organisation can be lost. In a few seconds an impolite worker can destroy a company’s reputation by a throwaway thoughtless comment, or a badly composed response.
    • The aim of this training is to offer an insight in to how to deal with the basics of life in an office or other work environment.
  • CV Writing
    • So much depends on the impression we first make when our CV lands on the desk of our prospective employer. Have we done ourselves justice? Have we said too much that is irrelevant and not enough that is important? It is important to focus and to understand what an employer wants to see and what will make our CV stand out as the one that makes us employable.
    • In this training we will look at how employers view CVs and how you can ensure that yours is memorable and succeeds in taking you to the next stage of realising your full potential.
  • Mock interviews
    • Having a top quality CV is part of the process, but the next vital stage is having a successful interview. This training will take delegates through every stage of preparation, looking at the wide variety of techniques available in order to give you as much confidence and awareness as possible.
    • We will do this by role-play and recreating an interview scenario which will be analysed in small, supportive groups.


By the end of the day delegates will be able to demonstrate:

  • An increase in self-belief
  • An ability to face problems without fear
  • Optimism for the way ahead
  • Awareness of time management
  • Strength and belief in their abilities to look to work again
  • Knowledge of opportunities in the workplace and elsewhere

Workshop Information

In order to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully, numbers are strictly limited.
Zoom workshops have a maximum of 12 people, at £40 per person, for a 3 hour session
Full day in-person workshops are held across the UK with a maximum of 20 people, at £70 per person.
(A light lunch is provided and a discount is available for group bookings).

Delegates will receive an information pack and Certificate of Attendance at the end of the training.
There will be also an opportunity to keep in touch with us to develop
follow-up workshops as required, with 1:1 support also available.

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